About us

The initiators

  • Mehr Demokratie
  • Es geht LOS

The implementers

  • ifok.
  • IPG
  • nexus Institute

The Support Panel

The Citizens' Assembly is supported by a group of renowned experts representing different viewpoints and disciplines related to the topic of "Germany's role in the world". This group is composed of very diverse people. The members are experts in their field or, due to their activities, provide a particularly versatile view of Germany's role in the world.

The Advisory Team

In order to narrow down and summarise the comprehensive topic of "Germany's role in the world", the initiators and implementing institutes decided to seek advice from proven and recognised experts in the field of foreign policy right from the start. Sarah Brockmeier and Dr. Cornelius Adebahr conducted the study "Strengthening Citizens' Dialogue on Foreign Policy in Germany" for the Federal Foreign Office. They thus belong to the circle of those who can provide a comprehensive overview of issues, contexts and special features of foreign policy and who have at the same time dealt with citizen participation in this field.

The Experts

At the Citizens' Assembly, experts provide balanced information to the people selected by lot. The Advisory Council participates in the selection of the experts.

The Coordination Group

Since 2020, a small group from the circle of Mehr Demokratie, ifok, IPG, nexus and "Es Geht LOS" has worked on the preparation and implementation of the Citizens' Assembly "Germany's Role in the World". Depending on the topic and phase, other participants joined the regular meetings. The tasks of the coordination group are

  • to plan and organise the entire process (create concepts, assemble teams, make appointments and contracts...)
  • to foster results-oriented work
  • to ensure that procedural and non-factual issues are dealt with 
  • to ensure that the procedural elements build on each other in a clear way
  • to check that all relevant groups are adequately represented in the process.