Citizens' Assembly hands over results to Schäuble and the Bundestag

12. March 2021

The Citizens' Assembly "Germany's Role in the World", which saw 169 citizens drawn by lot draft recommendations on German foreign policy, will hand over its final Citizens' Report to the President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble in a ceremony from 11:30 to 13:15 CET on Friday, 19 March. In addition to Dr. Schäuble, who was the patron of the Assembly, and two of the randomly selected participants who will present him with the report, Marianne Birthler, the chairwoman of the Citizens' Assembly, and Claudine Nierth, spokeswoman of the board of the association Mehr Demokratie, will also be present in Berlin. Representatives of all parliamentary groups in the Bundestag, as well as other citizens who took part in the Assembly will be present via video.

+ Event: Handover of the Citizens' Report on foreign policy to Bundestag President Schäuble and the parliamentary groups.

+ Time: Friday, 19 March, 11:30 - 13:15 CET.

+ Location: Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH - Representative Office Berlin, Französische Straße 32, 10117 Berlin

+ Livestream of the complete event via the YouTube channel of Mehr Demokratie.

+ Preliminary schedule of the event attached and also updated here soon.


+++ Note for editors +++

Due to Corona, only a few participants will be able to attend the handover on site. We have reserved a small number of seats for media representatives (preferably agencies, camera and audio teams). If you are interested, please contact Caroline Vernaillen, +49 (0) 221 669 665 30,, as soon as possible.


+++ Background +++

The Citizens' Assembly "Germany's Role in the World" saw around 160 randomly drawn people from all over Germany develop recommendations on German foreign policy during ten online sessions.

This sortition-based citizens' assembly was initiated by Mehr Demokratie and the initiative Es geht LOS! and is a direct follow-up to the first nationwide Citizens' Assembly on the topic of democracy that took place in 2019. At the request of the Bundestag's Council of Elders, Mehr Demokratie independently and funded by donations facilitated the rapid implementation of this second Citizens' Assembly. In addition to the topic at hand, the Citizens’ Assembly Germany’s Role in the World also served to answer the question of how citizens' assemblies can be introduced and usefully applied at the federal level in the future. The institutes nexus, IFOK and IPG were entrusted with the implementation of the Assembly.