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About the Citizens' Assembly "Germany's role in the world”

Germany's role in the world has changed again and again throughout history. Current global developments and issues are subject to even faster changes. It is an immense challenge for politics to keep pace with these developments, to develop answers and solutions to them, and at the same time not to lose sight of the moods, demands, concerns, and hopes of the people in the midst of these developments.

Whether it is about the coronavirus, climate, world trade, peacekeeping, development aid, migration, or the environment, Germany's agenda is determined by global issues. Germany has a major influence on the development of these issues, but what can guide policy in this rapidly changing world? National self-interest? Universal rights and global goals? Pragmatic possibilities? Ideologies or utopias? What role can, should, and must Germany play in the world in the future?

Politics needs a direct link to citizens and guidance from the citizens of a country: a resonance chamber where one can ask questions, deal with one’s own self-perception and one’s public perception, and explore new attitudes, positions, and methods.

A citizens' assembly as a resonance chamber

To support parliamentary groups’ political work in the Bundestag, a randomly-selected citizens’ assembly, which represents a sample of the German population, can draft and propose recommendations. These recommendations provide political actors with information on the role Germany can play in the future, and the tasks Germany wants, should, and must perform in the world. Such recommendations can provide added value in terms of concept and action for the policy positions of the parliamentary groups and parties. Following the citizens’ assembly, political actors have another basis for developing political strategies and political and regulatory measures. Randomly-selected citizens' assemblies are suitable for identifying solutions in society that are capable of gaining majority support and thus gain support for political decisions.

The aim of the Citizens' Assembly "Germany's Role in the World" is to develop what role Germany should play in the world in the future on various global issues and to make concrete recommendations to politicians on how to take action and draft policy.

The Citizens' Assembly "Germany's role in the world" ...

  • works with randomly selected citizens
  • deals with foreign policy issues
  • supports politicians in finding solutions without the need for persuasion
  • has the goal of representing a sample of the population
  • brings tangible results that are truly incorporated into policy

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